Sewell's Eclectic Cook Book

I exaggerated a little bit.  These are all the receipts we have so far, but be sure to check them out:

Cherry Christmas Wreath Dark Christmas Cake
Dessert Pies
Christmas Plum Pudding
Yorkshire Pudding
Christmas Shortbread
Don's Chicken in Pastry
Tortiére Pork Pie
 Belgian Cakes
Hawaiian Pork
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie
 Vi Rowans's Date Squares
Peggy's Rock Cakes
 Salade Niçoise
 Mousse Cake
Easter Cheesecake
Hot Cross Buns
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And before anyone starts beefing about the way I spell "receipt":
receipt. 1. n. Statement of ingredients & procedure for a dish . . ..  (Oxford Dictionary, 1933)
receipt. . . . archaic recipe.  (Oxford Dictionary, 1984)

furthermore, that is the way my grandmother spelt it.

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