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Hike Report Page Two
We came to No. 14 Side Road.  For some reason, there is a jog here in Bell School Line, but we couldn't see why.  We followed the fence line and avoided the jog.
We crossed the Base Line.
The road ended. A lane into a farm headed off to the south west. To the north east, there was an old barn, apparently in the process of being torn down.  I took this picture of the fellows standing in the door way. 
barnWe then headed up a field in a direction parallel to the road allowance, and eventually cut back onto a cart track that appeared to be on the road allowance.  The cart track, however, left the road allowance, and wend just a little north of due west.
We came to the cliff that is to the south of Kelso Dam.  Some of the fellows climbed down the cliff, but I walked around and down the safe way.  A road circles around and down the cliff.
peter on cliff watching Peter The Cliff
Peter going down the cliff.
Rob, Eric and David
watching Peter's descent.
The cliff as seen
from the bottom.
We prepared and ate lunch at the bottom of the cliff.  Some people showed up in a Land Rover, but they didn't seem to mind us.  (We were not sure if we were on private or public property.)  There was lots of wood for fires.  This had been a quarry operation, and old crates were abundant.  After lunch, we followed the cart track road down to the main road running to Kelso Dam  We investigated the ruined lime kilns down by the railroad tracks.  The towers had been levelled, but the brick ovens were still in existence.  We then left our packs at the lime kilns, and went down to the dam.  While at the dam, a slow freight train appeared around the bend in the tracks.  We ran back to the tracks for the express purpose of trying to hop the train.
We arrived at the railroad tracks, and ran along side the train at the same speed that it was moving.  We then grabbed hold of any convenient protrusion, and jumped on.  Most of the fellows jumped on one of the ladders at either end of the cars.  However, we had left our packs at the ruined lime kilns, and we soon had to jump off and return for them.  After retrieving our packs, we headed off to Appleby Line.
We reached Appleby Line, and decided to investigate the still standing lime kilns there.  We met a Scouter from Hamilton who was following after some of his boys who were on some sort of mystery hike.  He was an amateur geologist, and he showed us various fossils in the limestone.
We returned to Appleby Line and waited for Mr. Neame who came to give us a ride back home.
lime kiln
Ruined Lime Kiln
(picture taken previous spring)
Boys waiting
Waiting to Go Home.
David Lefebure, Peter Neame,
Paul Londreville, Eric Sigvaldason
and Rob Hedges.

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