First Strathcona Boy Scouts

    I understand that the First Strathcona Boy Scout Troop has been defunct since the early 1990's or so.  However, this group was very active in the 1960's, and we had our own "First Strathcona Scout Hall" located at the southerly end of Strathcona Park just west of Belvenia Road.

    We especially enjoyed the outdoors, and tried to have at least one hike each month. Our leaders encouraged us to undertake patrol hikes and camps, and to generally "make our own way" without adult supervision. This may not be possible in the 21st century when so many adults seem to feel that young people should not be allowed to do things without adult interference and planning.

    This page is a record of a hike we took on Saturday, October 30, 1965.  We arranged for a car ride to the intersection of Number Two Side Road and the Bell School Line, and then our actual hike followed the Bell School Line north to Kelso Conservation Area.

    I hope this page will encourage outdoor activities.

Robert Sewell
October 2002
Revised October 2009

    The hike report that I prepared in 1965 looked like this:


    However, if I present the whole report as a photocopy of the original, it will take too long to load; so I will scan the original and use an OCR programme to change it to a typed web page.

    Follow the link below to see the Hike Report, and how about posting your hike reports on "the web" in order to share them with others?

Please click to see the October 1965 Hike Report.

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