Other Thomsons

    These pages were set up to show the descendants of David Thomson and Mary Glendenning who were original settlers in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

    The following information on other Thomson families related to that of David and Mary has been shared by Thomson descendants.

Generation One
Andrew Thomson, a stone mason in Dumfries, Scotland in the early 18th century.
Andrew had seven children:

Generation Two
Archibald Thomson emigrated first to New England and then came to Canada via Quebec as an United Empire Loyalist.  Roy Herbert Thomson, Lord Thomson of Fleet is descended from this line.  Please click on Lord Thomson of Fleet for details.

David Thomson who settled in Scarborough in 1796.  Please click on Thomson Genealogy.

Andrew Thomson
Born in 1752
Died on August 7, 1823
    Andrew was a stonemason.  When Andrew came to Canada with his brother David he brought his oldest son from his first marriage, along with his second wife and 3 children. Other children were born in Canada; possibly there were 12 children altogether. He received land next to David's (David donated land for the St Andrew's Church, Bendale, Scarborough, Ontario).  Andrew donated the land for St. Andrew's "burying ground" where he and his wife Jane are buried, as well as several of his children.

Andrew married first on May 3 1782 to Betty Borthwick who died in Scotland.
Andrew and Betty had a son:

Andrew married second on September 21, 1792 to Jane Henderson
Andrew and Jane had the following children:

Generation Three
James A. Thomson
born in 1802
died on October 28, 1884
James married Agnes Paterson who was born in 1807 and died on June 3, 1875.
James and Agnes had the following children:

Generation Four
Thomas Thomson
Thomas married first on May 13, 1852 in The Scotch Church, Scarborough, Ontario to Mary Ann Hipkins who was born in 1832 and died on June 15, 1867 and is interred at St. Andrews Cemetery, Bendale, Scarborough, York County, Ontario
Thomas and Mary had the following children:

Thomas married second to Louise Newman and they had the following children:
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