The Thomson Family

Robert Sewell    This page was set up by Robert Sewell in January 2002 to show the Family of David Thomson and Mary Glendenning who were original settlers in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.  Robert Sewell is not a Thomson descendant.  His grandmother's sister, Irene Furse, married William Richard Thomson.  Their son Lionel Thomson had in his possession a Thomson Genealogy from which this web site has been copied.  Click on Thomson Genealogy to go directly to this work.

    Robert Sewell graduated from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) in 1967 with a B.Sc. degree in chemistry.  After a year of studies at the University of Toronto's College of Education, he taught high school science in Collingwood, Ontario for a year and then taught chemistry, physics and general science in Hamilton, Ontario for twenty-nine years.

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    Early settlers in Ontario looked for land where chestnut, hickory and walnut trees grew.  The presence of such a climax forest guaranteed excellent soil for farming.  Land with a maple and beech forest was good too.  Hopefully, a stream or river ran through the property.  The Thomson family found such a property in Scarborough, Ontario just north of what is now Lawrence Avenue between Brimley Pioneer Pictureand McCowan Roads.  Highland Creek still runs through the property.

    Cedar and balsam trees indicated the presence of swampy ground; and pine trees could indicate sandy, rocky or less fertile soil.  Such properties were, of course, to be avoided.

    For more information on life in pioneer times, see:

St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

A frame church was built on an acre of land donated by David Thomson in 1831.  Additional land was purchased, and the present brick church shown to the left was built in 1849. 

The Sexton's house pictured below
was built in 1875. 

Sexton's House

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The Thomson Family Book

    Ethel Muriel MacPherson (née Thomson) published privately in 1958 a book entitled Genealogical Chart of the Descendants of David Thomson and Mary Glendenning.  Ethel undertook to record as many of the descendants of David and Mary as she could locate.

    It is difficult to-day for us to comprehend the scope of such a project before the days of computers, internet and email.  Ethel collected her data by "snail mail" and by actually driving around and interviewing people.  She compiled her data using a typewriter.

She likely didn't think of herself as such, but Ethel MacPherson was a pioneer.

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The Westerkirk THOMSON Family in Canada

Lord Thomson of Fleet

    Yes, there is a connection with Roy Thomson of Fleet Street, whose family is descended from Archibald Thomson, an older brother of David Thomson.  For Lord Thomson's genealogy as well as more about the Thomson Family in Scotland, please click on Lord Thomson of Fleet.

Other Thomsons

    David Thomson had six siblings:  William, Archibald, Andrew, John, Richard and Helen.  The information that we have on these siblings (not much) can be found by clicking on Other Thomsons.


    For a short history of Bendale, the rural community where settlement in Scarborough began, click on Bendale.  (courtesy of Ron Brown:  Toronto's Lost Villages, Polar Bear Press, Toronto 1997.)


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