Robert Sewell     It was only a couple of years ago (well, O.K., maybe fifty years ago) that our kitchen waste consisted mostly of organic materials that could be composted. 
    As of April 2004 residents of the Region of Niagara will be dealing with this material in a more responsible manner in order to reduce the load on the regional dumps.
    This page is intended to show how we dealt with this sort of garbage material in the past without the use of disposable plastic bags.

Here is how we used to prepare our kitchen waste for disposal 
with updated instructions for the 21st century. 
Food waste is placed in a colander so excess liquids can drain. Included are:
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • table scraps and plate scrapings
  • leftover food
  • tea leaves and coffee grounds
  • egg shells, bones, and nut shells
  • click a list of "organics"
Cellophane, plastic and other "non edible" waste does NOT go here!
draining in colander

The waste is then dumped on two sheets of old newspaper and rolled up.
While the Region of Niagara appears  to promote the use of disposable plastic bags, their literature clearly states: 
"You may also wrap your organics in paper and place them directly into the kitchen container . . .."
Please visit the Niagara Region Web Site for details.
waste dumped onto newspaper rolling up the newspaper

The rolled up garbage is placed in the convenient kitchen container.
rolling up. Kitchen Waste Container

    Garbage is transferred from the convenient kitchen container to the curbside organics container or "green bin" and placed at the curb on garbage collection day. 

    Alternatively, organic waste can be placed at the curb for collection in a plastic or metal container marked with an "organics" label:
organics label

Images of green bin and organics label
courtesy of Region of Niagara
Curbside Container

R.G. Sewell
Thanks to Robert G. Sewell for help in preparing this page.

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