Two Poems
Michael Joseph Koropchuk
Gems of  Life
August 2, 1998

The gems of life are all around,
With an open mind can be found.
For mankind, world is an open door,
In so many ways, one can score.

Three is more to living, than dying,
As lifeís riches, man is buying.
Whether rich or poor, it matters not.
Itís what from life is being sought.

First peace of mind, one should achieve,
Over mere trifles, never grieve.
Why seek glitter when there is gold,
Serenity in time, can enfold.

Let not greed of man, you inspire,
Nor catch you, with evil desire.
Enjoy all of life, while you may,
Be it at work, or at play.

Why strive for riches and power role,
Strife and worry can rot your soul.
Only lifeís best one should court,
As life for man is so short.

To Be Young Again
August 1999

Oh to be young once more,
Iíd be thrilled to the core.
Once more to feel my oats,
Frisky as a young shoats.

Without a care in the world,
Challenge to the world, hurled.
With no sense of responsibility,
With great lack of sensibility.

When young oneís broke.
Life is humorous, a joke.
Then itís the time for romancing,
Dining out and nightly dancing.

Meet each day without a thought,
Nothing serious was ever sought.
Did all things that were the style,
Too much fun to walk down the aisle.

Those were the real good old days.
Enjoyed life, in various ways.
Life then had so much in store,
Oh to be young once more.

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