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Proposed Settlement in Strathcona Township
North East Arm of Lake Temagami


Map from Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat  &
Map from Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat

Map Copied from Topographical Map 31 M/4
from map 31 M/4
"Zone A" is for "Higher density development", and "Zone B" is for "Lower density development". 
It is unclear where the dividing line between Zones A and B is.
There are many small poorly drained areas best described as "swampy" in nature.
Other areas consist of relatively steep slopes and rocky outcrops.
A thorough environmental study should be done before development proceeds in this area.

On a telephone conference call on Wednesday, February 5, Mr. Doug Carr, Director of the Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat stated that the following "hurdles must be cleared" prior to development proceeding: These "hurdles" will have to be "cleared" during the spring of 2003 for the development to proceed.
The purpose of this page is to raise the question of environmental concerns. 
Is there sufficient time to evaluate this area? 

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