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Lonely Boy

Screen Name:  "Lonely Boy"
Real Name:  Undisclosed
Home Town:  Hamilton
Age:  50
Weight:  180 lb
Height:  5' 6"
Martial Status:  Single and looking!
Education:  grade 4 (almost)
Annual Income:  depends on welfare payments

Photo of  "Lonely Boy"

My Place.
More About Me:

My place is a little untidy right now, but I plan on cleaning up in the spring.  I need a woman to do most of the hard work while I sit around and give directions. It is not right for a man to do any woman-type work around the house.

Don't expect to be going out to dinner or dancing or any of that sort of stuff.  I hate going out.

My cars
I have two cars, the one in the back should be running sometime soon.  The one in front is my "parts machine".  If I get a woman, I expect her to do the repairs on my vehicle.

I like doing lots of whiskey drinking and getting really disgustingly drunk for days at a time.