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Jim English Auto Sales
Fine Pre-owned Vehicles
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All units fully approved by Jim English himself!
A REAL Porta Potty Don't be "caught short" on the way to work!

This fine well cared for one-of-a-kind vehicle is just what is needed if you sometimes find yourself "caught short" while out driving around!

Never be late for work again because of having to make an "emergency" stop!

Roll of tissue available as an optional extra.

two for the price of one Two for the Price of One Special

A Jim English super special! Get two like new pre-owned vehicles for the price of one! These fine vehicles are presented especially for the consideration of Mr. M. Koropchuk of Mount Hope!

Just think, Mr. Koropchuk, here is a vehicle for you when you are called back to "The Dump" along with a fine mode of transportation for Mrs. Koropchuk!

pick up truck Slightly Used But Like New Pick Up Truck

Here is a super special for the handy man! A quick wash and wax and this fine pick up truck will be like new! 

Lots of capacity for transporting old, junk cultivators to the dump! Spare tyre and parts in the rear are available as optional extras.

Low Pollution Work Special!

Be noticed by others at your place of employment with this exclusive offering from Jim English! 

Mr. Koropchuk, this could be YOU on the way back to work at "The Dump"!

This fine offering would be excellent for clearing up your front and back yard as well! You could be the envy of your neighbours, especially the snooty ones on the west side who want the crooked tree removed!

speedy outhouse Back To Work Special!

Mr. Koropchuk, if called back to "The Dump", you don't want to be late - - - and you won't be with this speedy special! 

If you have an embarrassing "pit stop" to make, a lavatory will be right there - - - no searching around for a bush or shrubbery!

Check Back Soon!
New Arrivals Expected!

All units guaranteed for 50,000 miles or the life of the product; whichever occurs first.

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