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Saddam Sales
Thank you Canada!

     I am a refugee newly arrived in your wonderful country thanks to your fine refugee laws.  I was forced to flee my native country due to political persecution and I am a legitimate political refugee.  I would be in deep shit if I were to return to my former homeland.

     Thanks to the most generous Canadian Government who funded my new business "Saddam's Imports" in association with Jim English Fine Pre Owned Vehicles.

Check our 2005 ARRIVALS!
All units fully approved by Saddam and Jim!
Excellent Fuel Economy!
These super special units are especially imported by Saddam for the consideration of Mr. Michael Koropchuk who needs a new vehicle. 
They actually run on grass clippings and other garden waste!  Low water consumption. 
You will have the most unique and talked about mode of transportation at your place of employment!
Two Camel This Could Be You!
     Yes, Mr. Michael Koropchuk, this could be you heading home from Saddam's Imports with a fine new mode of transportation that is not dependant on sensitive mid east oil supplies! 
     You'll be the talk of the neighbourhood!  We recommend purchasing two units, one for Mrs. Koropchuk and one for yourself.
export check
Exclusive Imports!
Special New Imported Units Arriving Daily from our exclusive mid-east supplier pictured to the right! 
Pictured to the left, one of our highly skilled mid-east technicians carefully inspects a slightly used Chevette to ensure it is up to Saddam Imports and Jim English standards prior to being offered on our lot.
Act fast as we expect these super exclusive imported models to sell quickly! 
'82 Toyota Land Cruiser
This newly arrived Land Cruiser in nearly pristine condition is almost ready to roll! 
A new battery is all that is needed to get it home, where a fun-filled hour or two spent on a wash, wax and minor touch ups will result in a fine vehicle that will be difficult to tell from new!
Two for One Two for One Special!
A "super special combo" for the family!

'83 Pontiac Le Mans for Dad to take to work

 - - - - and a - - - - 
'83 Toyota Land Cruiser for Mom to take the kids to school, go shopping, etc.!

Only minor touch ups required to return these exclusive Jim English Imports to like-new condition.

chev pick up '85 Chevrolet pick-up
This fine nearly-new pick-up is shown here being taken to the export pier by some of our highly skilled mid-east technical staff. 
Just clean the windscreen, install a new headlamp and this beauty will be ready to certify!
Be the envy of your friends and neighbours with a fine pre-owned pick-up specially selected and imported from the mid-east by Jim English Fine Pre-owned Vehicles.
no test drives.
Absolutely No "Test Drives"

    All Jim English Fine Pre-owned Vehicles come with the Exclusive Jim English guarantee (see below) so test drives are not needed. Besides, we have had problems with joy riding. 
    The photograph to the left, taken by the Ministry of the Environment in 1966, shows a slight smoke from the exhaust when the late Mr. George Koropchuk of Millgrove insisted on starting up one of Jim English's fine pre-owned vehicles. 

after test drive Saddam SpeaksSaddam, President of Saddam's Imports, says:  "NO TEST DRIVES!"  The once fine vehicle pictured here was taken for a test drive by Mr. Michael Koropchuk and his no-good friend Bob Sewell, and this is how the vehicle came back!  They said something about a "bean field".

All units guaranteed for 50,000 miles or the life of the product; whichever occurs first.

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