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Hot Times Ahead wants a hot date!

Screen Name:  "Hot Times Ahead"
Real Name:  Undisclosed
Home Town:  Hamilton
Age:  25
Weight:  120 lb
Height:  5' 6"
Martial Status:  Single and looking!! I'll take anything that wears trousers!!!
Education:  lots
Annual Income:  over $1,000,000

Photo of
"Hot Times Ahead"

More About Me:

I have this thing that I would really like to get it on with an older man - - at least 45, preferably over 50 years of age.  I prefer men who have some grey hair, or maybe are going bald, are sloppy and overweight and don't bathe too often. A man should smell part like a horse and part like an empty beer bottle that has been sitting in the sun. That would be my idea of a perfect man!!

I don't like men having to spend a lot of money on dancing or any of that sort of social stuff.

If you think you are up to my standards, please contact me or just show up at "The Bayview" on a Friday or Saturday night.  I'll buy the refreshments, and then we can head back to my place for a hot time!!! (If you know what I mean!!!)

My home.  
Hope you will join me here!