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The Finished Boathouse

We are very pleased with our new boathouse and heartily recommend T. J. Evans Construction.
T. J. Evans Construction,  Temagami, Ontario.
705 - 569 - 3527

finished boathouse
The New Boathouse

The green roof, fascia and soffit are maintenence free.  We may paint the doors brown; we haven't decided on this.

boat inside There is now lots of room for the boat.  Note the platforms extending out at the front which are to be used for diving and fishing.
Samuel Sewell Judges Samuel Sewell judges the timbers; pressure treated spruce above the waterline and tamarac below. 

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Samuel Sewell, 
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The Samuel Sewell Page.

All Closed for the Winter

It is now easy to "close up" the boathouse for the winter.  All we have to do is lower the sectional garage door.  We may paint this door brown; we haven't decided yet.

Boathouse on December 16, 2002
Winter Scene
Nicolas Evans

Tom Evans sent us this photo of Nicolas and the new boathouse taken on December 16, 2002.
The long shadows illustrate the low December sun.

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